The Spark
Meet Yara.
The idea for Ouma came right before Yara was born.

Just after being admitted to the hospital, Yara's mother was overwhelmed by some of the decisions she was asked to make, and concerned with some of the decisions being made by the hospital staff. She got on her phone and called her brother-in-law, a renown maternal-fetal medicine physician, and started asking questions.

Thanks to that relationship, Yara's mother was able to change the course of her delivery, maximizing her safety and avoiding an unnecessary C-section.

What if everybody had access to a world-class maternity care team, on-demand?

The idea behind Ouma Health was to find a way to provide people – no matter their income level or geographic location – with access to the best maternity care specialists in the country.
The Team
We know what successful telemedicine delivery looks like.

We have assembled a seasoned team of executives – including practicing physicians – with vast telemedicine experience, serial entrepreneurship, and operational excellence.


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“This program has been a lifesaver for me. I’m so extremely thankful.”
“The program was an enormous benefit to my first pregnancy”
“I had easy access to help when I needed anything.”
“It was comforting to know that someone was checking in and looking after me during my pregnancy”